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Random PR Tips! March 24, 2008

Filed under: Public Relations,Tips — Julie Smith @ 1:01 pm

How Not to be the annoying PR “Flack” that other professionals despise:

 Here are just a few simple tips on how to avoid doing tedious things that annoy others in the workplace. After surfing around PR websites I found some funny, yet helpful tips.

   1.) Don’t follow up e-mail pitches, if you do then journalists will then mark your e-mail address as spam for the next time.

  2.) Do not make “contact” with everyone.

  3.) Don’t send irrelevant press releases, make sure they have a concrete purpose!

For more tips on things to avoid in PR visit: http://valleywag.com/tech/flacks/dont-be-a-flack-tips-for-pr-workers-from-the-journalists-who-hate-them-200494.php  or visit this PR blog http://prosintraining.blogspot.com/2007/11/linky-love-by-any-other-name-would.html


2 Responses to “Random PR Tips!”

  1. Haley Higgs Says:

    These are some really good tips. I didn’t realize that you weren’t supposed to follow up e-mail pitches.

  2. allieoop54 Says:

    these are really good tips…they can help me out!!!

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