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Choosing the Best Font and Color for PowerPoint October 23, 2008

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    A faculty member at Sam Houston State University, Solomon Schneider, in Huntsville Texas created some guidelines for choosing colors for your PowerPoint that have the best text legibility.


  • Medium colored text + Medium colored background= Low Legibility (Bad)
  • Very Light Font + A dark background= High Legibility (Good)
  • When you click ‘more colors’ on the color wheel the inner most 2 rings are considered light
  • The outermost 2 rows are considered the dark colors
  • Everything in between is considered medium colors

   -“When the audience can’t read text instantly- they quit trying


  • Verdana is better than Arial because the space between the letters
  • At least 28 point text is necessary for large conference rooms where people are up to 50 feet away
  • Don’t use Shadowed text
  • The most readable text is either in Color or Bold

For more information on Colors and Fonts- visit: http://www.ellenfinkelstein.com/powerpoint_tip_text_legibility.html


My Analysis of the article “It’s not just what bloggers are saying, it’s who they are”

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     PR becomes part of social media as marketers such as PBS Kids Sprout analyze and interact with their customers. When PBS Kids Sprout launched three years ago the company BuzzLogic was hired to help monitor what bloggers are saying online about the new Sprout program. This was a great idea by PBS to hire a social media company to take on the role of PR to monitor traffic and discussion links on Sprout’s blog. This is a great way to listen to customers feedback and possible ideas for activities or improvements on the program.

    Blackshaw says, “Forward-thinking marketers like PBS Kids Sprout are going beyond just what is being said; they are hitting reply. They aren’t just asking what people are saying about their products, but also who is saying it and how much credibility that person or group has towards the success of their brand. So now, not only are companies monitoring their brand reputation but they are also monitoring their customers’ reputations.”

     BuzzLogic is helping Sprout find new targets and monitor the people who are blogging about them. This in turn has helped launch an entire strategy. Many companies have come to find that blogs, forums, and postings can make or break their brand reputation.

     As PR and marketing come closer to social media, they figure out a way to create relationships with people. Social media is evolving more and more. BuzzLogic recently launched “Conversation Ad Network” which comepensates influential bloggers. They have come to find that reputation really matters. The people with the best reputations are admired by others in the community.

   This article is extremely interesting to me. I almost feel like BuzzLogic had an “ah ha” moment. The strategy they have stumbled across about focusing on customers’ reputations is brilliant. That is where it all begins, companies need valued, reputable customers to talk about their products in the most positive light. If you think about it, most people before they buy a new product will go online and check out other customer satisfaction reviews on that very product. These people don’t even know the customers that are giving reviews and their spending habits are now influenced by this strangers comments on a blog or posting. Can you imagine what it would do if a reputable, influential person wrote a review about a product?

     I am really impressed with this article over all and think this is going to take off within other companies who are looking to improve.

The information referred to in this analysis  is from the article “It’s not just what bloggers are saying, it’s who they are” by Pete Blackshaw

Blackshaw, P. (2008, Oct. 06). It’s not just what the bloggers are saying, it’s who they are. Advertising Age, 79(37), 30-30. Retrieved Oct. 23, 2008, from http://http://web.ebscohost.com/ehost/detail?vid=1&hid=105&sid=7e9506f2-6ace-4ad0-b7ad-f3b0861e47ed%40sessionmgr103&bdata=JnNpdGU9ZWhvc3QtbGl2ZQ%3d%3d#db=a9h&AN=34723245