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Tips on How to get Published November 7, 2008

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In an article How to Get Your First Publication, author Sarah Turner gives tips to beginning writers trying to break into publishing.

-First editors want to know two things: 1.) whether you have good ideas

                                                                2.) whether you can write

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  • Start small– “approach a community newspaper with a small article idea,” said Turner. Offer a 500 word piece and make sure it fits with the paper. Don’t worry about pay, just get your name out there.
  • Build your writing portfolio– If you are starting from scratch, “try volunteering to do a newsletter or writing an article online. Also try entering a writing contest. Awards look great on a writer’s resume, and they boost your writing confidence” (Turner, 2008).
  • Know your markets-” The most important rule and tip. Research and read the publications that interest you, and take note of tone, subject matter,sections, and advertisers. The closer you are to your targer, the more success you will have” (Turner, 2008).
  • Hone your skills– Take any writing classes or workshops that you can afford to. Join a group or ask a friend to critique your writing, the more your work is read the better.
  • Be honest– Don’t fake having experience, be up front when you approach an editor. It is ok to tell them you don’t have any experience. Be professional and motivated.

The information from this post came from:

Turner, S. (2008, Apr. 01). Retrieved Nov. 07, 2008, from http://resourcesforwriters.suite101.com/article.cfm/getting_your_first_publication



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