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Social Media Taught in Schools November 10, 2008

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     In the article Can New Media Be Taught In Schools? by Marshall Kirkpatrick, he talks about how it might be a good idea to teach new media in journalism and other schools. 


“According to Inside Higher Ed article, some colleges plan to fund new media sections in their journalism sections in their journalism schools” (Kirkpatrick, 2008). Many people think this isn’t such a good idea because jobs aren’t necessarilly abundant or secure in media.


“All the new things in the world of media like blogging, podcasting, wiki, tweeting are so fresh that there are hardly any established help tools. With that being said, there is a need for media to be taught in school” (Kirkpatrick, 2008).


Can these things be taught in school though? Some say students are better off watching the videos on YouTube by Common Craft.


Amy Sample Ward, a nonprofit technologist who has a degree in new media explained that the most profitable things she learned were through project-based assignments. They allow space to learn new media tools.


Kirkpatrick wraps up his article talking about how there will be new media courses  starting up in schools all over, and there will probably be a lot of bad ones at first, but hopefully there will be some that will actually be beneficial.

 Social Media Marketing Jobs by OM Careers.


Information from this post came from:


Kirkpatrick, M. (2008, July 31). Can New Media Be Taught In Schools? Message posted to http://www.readwriteweb.com/archives/can_new_media_be_taught_in_schools.php


One Response to “Social Media Taught in Schools”

  1. laur22 Says:

    i don’t think social media should be taught in school, just the basics. we made it through without learning about all of it, and i think it’s unnecessary.

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