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How Target Embraces Groundswell November 20, 2008

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Target proudly embraces the groundswell whether they realize it or not. “Target’s mission is to make their store the preferred shopping destination for their guests by delivering outstanding value, continuous innovation and an exceptional guest experience by consistenly fulfilling the Expect More. Pay Less.® brand promise.”

 Target first tapped into the groundswell in  1999 when they created Target.com.  Through their website they can respond to customer reviews and make appropriate adjustments. By doing this,  Target is embracing the listening portion of the groundswell.

A strong presence within the community is an important aspect of Target’s goal. 3.3 million pounds of food has been donated by Target to support the Nation’s Food Bank. Target is also involved in a program called Safe City which is community based. This Program unites local businesses, residents, city officials, and law enforcement to help minimize crime and create a safe environment. These involvements spread a positive message about the company. Target on average gives $2 million to the communities it serves. The groundswell views this type of community involvement as invigorating. In mature communities such as these, people solve each others’ problems.

Talking with the groundswell is key. Target  is ‘talking’ a lot. They have blogs, forums, and a website full of talk. Looking at comments on Twitter pertaining to Target, the majority of people who wrote about Target had nothing but positive things to say.

Target has embraced the groundswell to say the least, but I do believe there are a few more things they can do to get the best possible results. Target should get a bit more involved within social media. Possibly by creating a presence on a few more social media sites.


4 Responses to “How Target Embraces Groundswell”

  1. Julie — isn’t it interesting how much the images at the top and bottom of your post look alike?

  2. Julie Smith Says:

    That is pretty crazy, didn’t really notice it until you pointed it out!

  3. Josh Bernoff Says:

    A lot of companies try TOO many different things. If you were at Target, how would you decide which of these applications are most effective?

  4. Julie Smith Says:

    Target utilizes ‘listening to groundswell’ the best. The company listens to their guests comments, and takes them into consideration. Most companies refer to this as their market research department. Overall that is the number one thing working in Target’s favor is their guest services.

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