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My Social Media Policy December 1, 2008

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1. Connecting: Hello, my name is Julie Smith, I am a senior public relations major at GSU. 

[ I would like an introduction from my follows, and I would appreciate it if they gave themselves a brief introduction as well.]

2. Follow, add, friend: Be my friend!

[My policy on friending people and following people are: I will accept anyone as a friend and allow anyone to follow me, but in order for me to follow someone I read their ‘feed’ for a day or two, check out their bio and view a few of their friends, and it helps if we have common interests or friends.]

3. Privacy, boundaries and safety: Safety First

[I consider myself moderately safe. I don’t reveal more information than my name, major, area of study or interest, and possibly where I am from and where I attend school. I don’t ask my networks or friends to monitor themselves when it comes to me, because I only befriend people who have the common sense to only reveal appropriate information.]

4. Signal to noise: Open to all

[I  don’t have any particularly strong feelings towards any specific type of social media. I am open to try new things. I am involved with Twitter, PRopenmic, WordPress, and I once was a member of Facebook. Nothing annoys me more than people who post annoying things on Twitter constantly, which just causes me to quit following them.]

5. Personal data and sharing: Just friends

[I am currently looking to just befriend people and network as far as Twitter goes. I am not particularly looking for a deeper connection with anyone. PRopenmic is also a networking tool, and when I establish a more in-depth resume I will more than likely join Linkedin.]

6. My networking needs and uses: Non applicable

[I am not currently involved with Facebook, Linkedin, or Myspace at this time. I don’t feel the need to be apart of any of these right now and Facebook and Myspace are entirely too time consuming. The important friends in my life are contacted regularly outside of Facebook and Myspace. As for Linkedin, as I said before I will join later when I have a better resume and am more serious about career options. The way I utilize Twitter is to find information, keep my status current, and as a networking tool.]



How Target is involved in its’ communities

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Hands On Red Balloon by JeromesPOV.

To support their mission Target is guided by their commitment to great value, the community,

diversity, and the environment.


To begin with, Target gives $2 million every week to schools. Target plays an active role in

supporting education, especially early childhood reading.


Target sponsors programs, exhibits, and performances that support artistic and cultural

experiences. To enhance the communities Target serves, they are committed to preventing

family violence, disaster preparedness, and relief services.


To support these claims of theirs: Target has donated over $200 million through their Take

Charge of Education Program. Target also provides books for doctors and nurses to provide

their patients through their Reach out and Read program.


Every Thursday and Friday at the Art Institute in Chicago, there are free lectures and

workshops from 5-9p.m. compliments of Target. In 2005 Target received the Corporate

Citizenship in the Arts Award from Americans for the Arts.


Target House provides free, full-equipped two- bedroom apartments for patients receiving

treatment at St. Jude Children’s Hospital for 90 days or more.


Target has also teamed up with the National Association of Town Watch/National Night Out.

This helps promote safer neighborhoods. The other companies or organizations that Target

has teamed up with are: National Domestic Violence Hotline, Prevent Child Abuse America,

American Red Cross and the Salvation Army.

Target.com, (n.d.). Retrieved Nov. 30, 2008, from http://sites.target.com/site/en/company/page.jsp?contentId=WCMP04-031765



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One crisis Target has faced, and how they dealt with it

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Target hasn’t really faced too many crises, and if they had they have covered them up well.

The one crisis I did find however was a lawsuit filed in February 2006 against Target Corp.

by Bruce F. Sexton Jr. and the National Federation of the Blind. The

suit alleged that Target’s website was not accessible to people with disabilities using screen

access technology.  Screen access technology converts documents and web pages into

synthesized speech or Braille. Target had not taken the necessary steps to make their website

compatible with these codes.


Target has agreed to a $6 million settlement with the NFB. As a part of the settlement

Target will establish a $6 million fund from which plaintiffs can make claims. Also

Target agreed to update their website to accommodate sight impaired online-consumers,

and to let the NFB regularly check those changes that have been made. Marc Maurer, the

President of the NFB said in a statement “We are pleased that Target has already taken

action to make certain the website is accessible for everyone.” Steve Eastman, President of

Target.com said “we have made significant enhancements to provide a pleasurable shopping

experience for everyone.”


Overall Target handled the crisis exactly as they should have; they took it with a grain of salt

and immediately took action to improved the problem, they apologized and moved on.


Disibility Rights Advocates, (2006, Feb. 06). Message posted to http://www.dralegal.org/cases/private_business/nfb_v_target.php

Havenstein, H. (2008, Aug. 28). Target agrees to $6M settlement of accessibility lawsuit. Computer World, Retrieved Nov. 30, 2008, from http://www.computerworld.com/action/article.do?command=viewArticleBasic&articleId=9113750


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Based on my research on Target, I am more likely to want to work for the company

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Considering I have already worked for Target and loved it, the research I have done on the

company has just expanded my knowledge and admiration for them. I worked for Target when

I was in high school as a sales floor associate, cashier, and operator. The more research I did on

the company the more I found that they are dedicated to giving; whether it be to their guests or

the community they serve.


One thing that disappointed me was the fact they don’t have any careers opportunities directly

related to PR. There are careers somewhat related to PR though in marketing, advertising, and

human resources. I love the fact that Target has diversity among their employees and that 57%

of professional positions were held by women in 2007.

012/365 by manon delacroix.

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Career opportunities within Target, relating to PR

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Depending on your area of interest, Target has a variety of career opportunities, although I

couldn’t specifically find any PR related careers I did find these:


For experienced professionals available jobs:

          Human Resources

o   Manager

o   Partner

o   Consultant


o   Director Assistant

o   Creative Manager

o   Marketing Planning Manager

o   Specialist Interactive Developer

o   Senior Packaging Engineer

o   Senior Manager Strategy

o   Team Assistant



For College Students/Graduates available jobs:

          Human Resources

o   MBA Consultant


o   Strategy Lead

Target.com, (n.d.). Message posted to



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A critique of Target’s online newsroom

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Target has an online pressroom that allows people to stay connected through the latest press

releases, brands, and products. The pressroom seems to have a bit of everything from media

contacts, images, media FAQ’s, e-mail alerts, product recalls, investor news and search place

to find exactly what you need. On the pressroom page you have the option to get RSS feeds

to stay up to date with Target’s headlines.


Overall I would say Target is above par in their pressroom, they offer a bit of everything and if

you don’t see what you are looking for on their page you can contact them for an answer or a

suggestion on how they can accommodate your needs.

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An analysis of how Target uses and benefits from (or could benefit from) the groundswell

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Target uses ‘listening to groundswell’. Target listens to their guest’s comments aka customers by

using guest’s comments or complaints and putting them to good use. This is also considered

market research within a company. People are paid to listen to the guest’s comments, and as a

result Target has a huge amount of returning guests.


Target also uses ‘energizing’. Target generally has a positive flow through word of mouth.



Target could benefit from using ‘talking with groundswell’. Target could benefit from engaging

in more social media. Possibly posting a viral video, engaging in social networks, or joining the

blogosphere. This type of exposure could benefit Target because it will reach a broader range of people.

Li, C. & Bernoff, J. (2008). groundswell. Boston, MA: Forrester Research.

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