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An analysis of how Target uses and benefits from (or could benefit from) the groundswell December 1, 2008

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Target uses ‘listening to groundswell’. Target listens to their guest’s comments aka customers by

using guest’s comments or complaints and putting them to good use. This is also considered

market research within a company. People are paid to listen to the guest’s comments, and as a

result Target has a huge amount of returning guests.


Target also uses ‘energizing’. Target generally has a positive flow through word of mouth.



Target could benefit from using ‘talking with groundswell’. Target could benefit from engaging

in more social media. Possibly posting a viral video, engaging in social networks, or joining the

blogosphere. This type of exposure could benefit Target because it will reach a broader range of people.

Li, C. & Bernoff, J. (2008). groundswell. Boston, MA: Forrester Research.

photo credit: http://tinyurl.com/6abssk 


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