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My Social Media Policy December 1, 2008

Filed under: Public Relations — Julie Smith @ 5:22 pm


1. Connecting: Hello, my name is Julie Smith, I am a senior public relations major at GSU. 

[ I would like an introduction from my follows, and I would appreciate it if they gave themselves a brief introduction as well.]

2. Follow, add, friend: Be my friend!

[My policy on friending people and following people are: I will accept anyone as a friend and allow anyone to follow me, but in order for me to follow someone I read their ‘feed’ for a day or two, check out their bio and view a few of their friends, and it helps if we have common interests or friends.]

3. Privacy, boundaries and safety: Safety First

[I consider myself moderately safe. I don’t reveal more information than my name, major, area of study or interest, and possibly where I am from and where I attend school. I don’t ask my networks or friends to monitor themselves when it comes to me, because I only befriend people who have the common sense to only reveal appropriate information.]

4. Signal to noise: Open to all

[I  don’t have any particularly strong feelings towards any specific type of social media. I am open to try new things. I am involved with Twitter, PRopenmic, WordPress, and I once was a member of Facebook. Nothing annoys me more than people who post annoying things on Twitter constantly, which just causes me to quit following them.]

5. Personal data and sharing: Just friends

[I am currently looking to just befriend people and network as far as Twitter goes. I am not particularly looking for a deeper connection with anyone. PRopenmic is also a networking tool, and when I establish a more in-depth resume I will more than likely join Linkedin.]

6. My networking needs and uses: Non applicable

[I am not currently involved with Facebook, Linkedin, or Myspace at this time. I don’t feel the need to be apart of any of these right now and Facebook and Myspace are entirely too time consuming. The important friends in my life are contacted regularly outside of Facebook and Myspace. As for Linkedin, as I said before I will join later when I have a better resume and am more serious about career options. The way I utilize Twitter is to find information, keep my status current, and as a networking tool.]



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