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Subsidiaries of Target December 1, 2008

Target owns many subsidiaries which include Target Financial Services (TFS), this

subsidary  issues Target credit cards, Visa’s, and REDcard, etc. Target Sourcing

Services/ The Associated Merchandising Corporation (TSS/AMC). This Corporation

is responsible for locating Target’s merchandise and importing it to the U.S. Target Commercial

Interiors provides design services and furniture for office space. Target Brands owns and

oversees Target’s private brands like Archer Farms, Market Pantry, Sutton & Dodge,

Tru tech and Bullseye Dog trademark. Target.com is the company’s e-commerce.

Target Corporation, (n.d.). Retrieved n.d., from



photo credits: http://tinyurl.com/58tppb,  http://tinyurl.com/5ccm3h , http://tinyurl.com/5h4rsm


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