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One crisis Target has faced, and how they dealt with it December 1, 2008

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Target hasn’t really faced too many crises, and if they had they have covered them up well.

The one crisis I did find however was a lawsuit filed in February 2006 against Target Corp.

by Bruce F. Sexton Jr. and the National Federation of the Blind. The

suit alleged that Target’s website was not accessible to people with disabilities using screen

access technology.  Screen access technology converts documents and web pages into

synthesized speech or Braille. Target had not taken the necessary steps to make their website

compatible with these codes.


Target has agreed to a $6 million settlement with the NFB. As a part of the settlement

Target will establish a $6 million fund from which plaintiffs can make claims. Also

Target agreed to update their website to accommodate sight impaired online-consumers,

and to let the NFB regularly check those changes that have been made. Marc Maurer, the

President of the NFB said in a statement “We are pleased that Target has already taken

action to make certain the website is accessible for everyone.” Steve Eastman, President of

Target.com said “we have made significant enhancements to provide a pleasurable shopping

experience for everyone.”


Overall Target handled the crisis exactly as they should have; they took it with a grain of salt

and immediately took action to improved the problem, they apologized and moved on.


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