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Career opportunities within Target, relating to PR December 1, 2008

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Depending on your area of interest, Target has a variety of career opportunities, although I

couldn’t specifically find any PR related careers I did find these:


For experienced professionals available jobs:

          Human Resources

o   Manager

o   Partner

o   Consultant


o   Director Assistant

o   Creative Manager

o   Marketing Planning Manager

o   Specialist Interactive Developer

o   Senior Packaging Engineer

o   Senior Manager Strategy

o   Team Assistant



For College Students/Graduates available jobs:

          Human Resources

o   MBA Consultant


o   Strategy Lead

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A Review of: Online Public Relations Thoughts November 6, 2008

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     Online Public Relations Thoughts, a blog by Jim Horton. Jim Horton developed and maintains this blog to help PR professionals serve clients better, faster and cheaper. This blog is certainly up to date in news and on the ball about what is going on everywhere. I was well informed on topics relating to all aspects of PR having read numerous posts. The blog basically refers to different pieces from the media and points specifics out, that are funny, helpful, or just plain wrong. One thing I love and appreciate about Mr. Horton’s blog is his sense of humor. One particular post called Context  refers to this funny article. The article clearly displays poor communication and judgment, but teaches a real lesson.


    Looking at the archives of this blog, I see that Mr. Horton has been posting steadily every month of ever year since 2004. That in itself is pretty darn impressive, and anyone who has a blog can agree, that they can be a bit difficult to keep up with consistently.  Overall I thoroughly enjoyed Mr. Hortons blog, not only because it is helpful in the world of PR but it is current on events and issues going on in the world around us. Most blogs are opinion based, and I feel this blog has more facts than opinions and that is something I can appreciate. Words of wisdom to Jim Horton; keep up the good work!

Horton, J. (2004, Jan.). Retrieved Nov. 06, 2008, from http://online-pr.blogspot.com/



Culpwrit Blog Review

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Pen and Paper by CPSutcliffe.

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Ron Culp, a partner and managing director from Ketchum Midwest in Chicago, is the author of the blog culpwrit:guiding the career in public relations. After having read a few posts, I am intrigued by his motivation to help and mentor young aspiring PR professionals. In his blog you find many helpful posts ranging from the corporate career ladder to articles encouraging young people to becom change agents. This blog offers a PR student like me, advice and direction after college. I enjoyed reading Never Too Young to be a Change Agent, in this post he links to an article written by Alex Kneiss that gives the 5 ways a junior employee can be a change agent. I liked the fact that Culp just linked in a good article instead of trying to write about it himself. That is something I have learned through blogging and learning about social media in my classes; that it’s ok to take short cuts, just give credit. Culpwrit is a great source of information for people interested in the field of PR.

Culp, R. (2006). Retrieved Nov. 06, 2008, from http://www.culpwrit.com/